She told me about a dream

Of glasses reflecting faces of people

That she never met

She put on her lipstick

Her lipstick was radioactive

Her poison to save self from

Dreaming too much

Oh was she scared to be there

Innocent face on a glass

A sheep in wolf’s skin

Glass melting washed away

Memories faces

As her lips were radiating

She stood on a hill of despair

A new evil child was born


May may nightmare

Oh it is spring


A memory an altar for Sunday odes for Maria

I am once a kid drenched in dirt

Oh it is spring


Aches wires razors pills pills and white hospital beds

I was never alive was I

Oh bring me May because it smells of rays and x rays and heavy formalin

I died back then now

What is this ghost a shadow of the past

Is yearning for

A breath of fresh life a second of a lie

Or a smash to the skull and a white flower crown

I  need cyanide

I need god

I need a dick

I need a razor in my mouth

My rotten inside

I need to live? When I wanna be a bitch that kills kills kills.


Grass fields widows clouds and oversized cakes

Raining from the sky you are far away my child

Scooters swimming on the shore trash everywhere and cement blocks

Showers crowns selfies he has dreadlocks and a stupid mouth

Bugs on the walls I walk crippled in my dreams he is not my babe

Futuristic metropolis in prison cells

Steel colour is an overdose now

The connection between us keeps going off

Call me call me call me lick the orange phone or the glass

Whoa now lick my skin

Dripping sinking grass fields bed

I am not becoming anyone tonight

Now I wear black and bury someone

Oh he is holding my head

Inside the mirror room behind the past

What did you give me?



Lily why you being so fucking silly

Lily jump on my dick you bitch

Lily why you being so fucking silly

Lily your love’s become an itch

Lilu why you being so fucking silly

Ride my dick not your twisted issues

Lily why you being so fucking silly

Oh feels good now pass me tissues

Lily why you being so fucking silly

Close your eyes and go to sleep

Lily why you being so fucking silly

Why do you care if I go deep?

Lily silly little doll

Smash your heart and fuck this shit

Lily offer you.Your flesh is all

Love is tonite. We fuck that’s lit.




Tuesday morning

He said

Red balloon or a blue one

Yellow gold I want his lips

On my back now

The radio on and the walls turn

Into something dark

Just in time

Then his hand reaches

The radio repeats

What for what for?

Does he ache for my heart?

Water fills the floor

Blue violet cords between us blossom

He said lay down

I ache for love and games

So I did.




Bourbons on the track
Crumble in my fingers
Humans arrive in packs
Victoria is ringing
Hey you bitch
It’s been a while
Red phone’s hanging on the side
She drags cord around her neck
And she’s swinging now she’s dead
Tall blocks grow into the dark
Saturday it’s shit I bark
Glow illuminates the city
But it is still a fucking pity
I refuse I will be good
But tomorrow not today
I want sex, fake love and food
And on Sunday I will pray


Recall platform 1

Railways to mountains

Smoke inside not allowed

Blow me away

I fill the inside

I can see you outside the window

It is getting dark


The moon is surreal almost painted on

The evening

You want to make it look

Like a snap of a moment


I can see you outside the train window

Flying above mountain peaks

You are the one I create in my mind

So vivid

I can almost touch your lips

While we lick glass

From two different sides

And the Moon Mastermind is fucking with us