Gym thoughts

So I went back to the gym today. Yes, it has been a while and yes I was on the way of becoming one of those people I could never understand. You know, those who pay outrageous amounts of money for their annual memberships and abandon the whole idea after the first month. Abandon the idea of achieving their dream of a better body which somehow means an improved you,  more attractive for other species, better confidence, better friends, popularity, success, better sex and what does it all add up to? A BETTER LIFE FOR YOU WOMAN!!!!

Well why are you still hesitating?! You just increased the price of your membership for a multi-access because you are a desperate creature and you want to be determined. Those who stay running on the treadmill are the surviving ones so fight you little squirrel because this is jungle. The real animal kingdom! But sadly you are looking more like a hamster running in his cage. Run run run run run run run, maybe you will get somewhere.. If not, at least you will burn thousands of calories..

When will I be big? You have to be a legend.. What is legendary? And why do I sweat so much? Why did I forget my bra again? Why do things bore me so quickly? I have been playing the same song for motivation on my phone for too long.. and it does not motivate me.. Look there is Michelle Obama on TV for Carpool Karaoke? Wait, does she even sing? Well what do I do then? I wanted to be a singer..and a dancer and an actress and now I am just running in a cage…Running after my dreams of a better me.. Damn I am still jobless.. I should do something that I am good at.. I should get so fit…FIT FOR THIS SOCIETY…FIT FOR LIFE..FIT FOR THE MALE THAT WILL NOTICE ALL MY HARD EFFORTS..FIT FOR FUCKING. FIT FOR A CAREER THAT IS NOT EVEN MODELLING. FIT FOR DISPLAY. FIT FOR APPROVAL. FIT FOR RELATIVES, FAMILY AND SO CALLED FRIENDS. FIT FOR SURVIVAL, FOR BITING WEAKER HEADS OFF, FIT FOR THE MAGNIFICENT CHANGES THAT ARE ABOUT TO BEGIN, THE FITTEST ONE OF ALL TIME!!!

AHM, Where do I sign? Here? And I can use the swimming pool as much as I want??! ( imagine the naive childish expression on my face).  YES, YES, YES!!!! CHEERS!!! Cheers to Lily, the way she should BE!!!!


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