I am sure you can feel the desperation/hesitation/missed alarms/morning tantrums/sadness/sleepiness and unwillingness to live already. Strongest ever morning coffees, rush in the house not to be late one more time (shit, why is it such a mess? And why is the bloody hairdryer not in place?), packed tube that makes you wonder how many people can actually squeeze on that one carriage and the always EXCITED faces of basically EVERYONE around you. Mondays are like magic..Like a brand new blank page in the book to start writing with a rosy ink and stop dribbling  your regular shit all over it. And when those rare occasions arise when Monday falls on the first day of the month!!! Isn’t it like the clearest sign straight from heavens? SO DON’T YOU DARE to screw it up you peasant by not wanting something CHANGED in your pitiful life.

Run run run, seems like all I do is running, so how come I don’t have the body of my dreams yet?? And the beeping sound of the tube doors has been making people move like nothing else even before Pokemon Go.. All race exactly at the same time  when tube doors are closing.. At least I made it this time..To the 5th train but oh well I MADE IT. Quick glance at the watch, shit I am still gonna be late… Okay.. I accept my fate and the consequences as an adult being.. Why is that person  not moving down? Clearly more people would fit in.. I wonder how many would fit.. Do I really wanna know? Oh  I see, he is sleeping..while standing.. that is quite a skill. And that one..And this one.. And the one wrongly occupying the priority seat.. Why is that person just blocking the entrance with their piece of luggage? Bloody tourists, know nothing about tube manners in London.. Well these kids just could stop shouting because I can’t reach my phone at the moment to put my earphones on and  let everyone know clearly that PLEASE DON’T BOTHER ME. Oh that person looks just drunk..And the faces of everyone.. Damn do these people ever feel happy in their life? Do they ever smile? Did they all split up with someone  dear yesterday and life is no longer worth living? As if it ever was?? Do they hate their jobs this much? Do I look like one of the bunch too??  Just what is this mass depression?!!

MONDAY.  This is Monday, your perfect beginning,  the gift from heavens, the new page of an unwritten chapter, a new beginning of something GREAT. All great things have a beginning, I agree, BUT WHAT GOOD CAN ACTUALLY BEGIN WITH MONDAY?!

Can I just go back to bed for 5 more minutes? Or 5 more days?? PLEASE!!! And this dribbling all over the new page the circle of life. EVERY BLOODY MONDAY.




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