Just a quick one today.

Tomorrow happens to be the 1st of August. If that doesn’t convince you yet, it is also Monday (see my previous post/rant about Mondays)!!!!

Ever waited for the perfect opportunity to  drag yourself to the gym/ count calories even though you hate maths/quit smoking to replace it with alcohol and food/leave a shitty relationship to fall into another one three weeks later/do your spring cleaning (come on it’s August!)/learn to dance (I bet you don’t look good on the dance floor), memorise entire world map full of places you will probably never see or learn some difficult and,most important, useless for you language (unless you feel like moving to Iceland and no, Latin is not spoken anywhere). THE TIME HAS COME!!!!!

Grab this rare pokemon, don’t let it go!!! Don’t mess it up  for heaven’s sake!!! And may you stop WAITING  for once and start LIVING.

Good luck.


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