My sister insisted I needed to write a new post so this one is for her. I already abandoned the idea of writing as it is my unfortunate nature to abandon everything. So here is the ode to the fact that I cannot pronounce the word deteriorating properly:

White blank screen pause I see nothing lights on and guess what only me there are no punctuation marks here us little kids you were adopted and I was bought in a Japanese supermarket you were always a stronger one pause carry on I abandon this I am sorry though I know you will survive that is what I have loved you for but do we know what love is it is little do we know only echoes of life I have once lived but uncertainty is here was it ever mine pause again as shooting stars I am now the one that falls down in that dim blue colour that is my favourite makes me think of water and water is eternity and that is where you will find me maybe then I will be certain of what I abandoned.

Quesadillas babe



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