It is 3 am. Fucking 3 am and instead of sleeping like normal people do, I am writing a post that was neither wished for nor intended. Do normal people sleep though? Time to check statistics of people suffering from insomnia.

Okay, clearly I am not one and only. I am never one and only in anything. My sister is sleeping like a baby, I can hear her. I can also hear her mumble some words that sound more like spells from Harry Potter than actual language. I can also hear cars outside. I can hear foxes around, cats, dogs, people arguing while smoking weed, planes taking off and landing, tap dripping downstairs, anything and everything but not my own breathing lost in dreamland. I wish… I wish for peace and those magic 8 hours of sleep!!!  Is this too much to ask for?!

Googled ways of falling asleep faster. Trying holding my breath, yoga, breathing through my nose, flexing and relaxing muscles, yoga again, meditation, I even fucking prayed to someone to put me to sleep. NOPE. I am hopeless. This is hopeless. Brain doesn’t want to collaborate with me, it lives a life on its own.  A life that is clearly interfering with the pathetic life I have to live daily. Hence why I can’t fall asleep… sigh..My brain refuses to live it.. INSOMNIA, please leave me alone.. I am not ready for our intimate relationship!!!

Good night my fellow insomnia sufferers. You are not alone tonight. And tomorrow probably.


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