50 things that are somehow joyful

It’s been a while since I did my list of things that piss me off and that was probably one of the easiest lists I have ever compiled. However, as nothing in life comes easily and I love getting tangled up in my own challenge and misery, I will attempt another kind of list. I apologise for the positive notion of my post already, but I will proceed with the challenge because days in London are getting too gloomy. So these are the 50 things that are somehow joyful, and yes, I have already apologised for using the word JOY. Could have used the word HAPPINESS to piss everyone off even more but I am not that mean. Plus I have no clue what it means. THE LIST:

  1. Travelling, summer and sun (surprise surpise, plus these are three things in one and I am cheating on my list already).
  2. Mountains. Seeing them from far, from close, from above, standing next to them, climbing one, standing on top of one, I guess the entire English dictionary is not enough to describe the feeling.
  3. Sea, oceans, lakes, water in general. Still not sure if this deserves only a third place. I have never been great at choosing one thing I want if I can have all.
  4. Swimming, diving, scuba diving. This is kind of the same as the post above, no?
  5. Cheesecake. Nothing to add here, except that the classic baked New York cheesecake could be my last meal and I would die satisfied.
  6. Dancing.
  7. Cooking. Only to the point where the therapeutic factor of it becomes an annoying routine.
  8. I think food deserves its own spot. So FOOD!!!!
  9. People who teach me something new.
  10. People who dream a lot even if their dreams look pathetic to others.
  11. Louis Theroux documentaries.
  12. Documentaries in general but Louis had to have his own spot!
  13. People with dark sense of humour and sarcasm.
  14. People who don’t care about popular irrelevant shit fed by media.
  15. People who check the facts before believing anything.
  16. People with strong opinions that are difficult to challenge.
  17. Morals in life. Sounds cliché but could not be more relevant these days.
  18. Wonder Showzen, Xavier: the Renegade Angel and anything done by Vernon Chatman
  19. African Cinema.
  20. Reading the New York Times.
  21. Writing.
  22. Solitude when I need it.
  23. Memory of my days in the Caribbean islands (my Model, I will come back for you one day).
  24. Seeing a clothing item I like go on sale.
  25. Days when my hair looks fine without much effort.
  26. Listening to music. I know, this is what everyone says.
  27. Airports and train stations. I like the ambience of people leaving places.
  28. Railways and trains.
  29. Bridges.
  30. Good whiskey.
  31. Doing something for the first time. This should have been in the top 5, how did I forget it?
  32. Animals. Do I have to say more?
  33. Finding good shoes that are not made from leather! Applies to biker jackets as well.
  34. Reading the news, especially everything about the situations in the Middle East. That is a bit of an obsession of mine.
  35. Good quality dark chocolate. Yeah, insert the stereotypical woman stereotype here.
  36. Days when I believe in myself and I think that the world around is not so bad. IT IS and those are pretty rare.
  37. Going to a pub on Friday (okay, any day if I am being honest and not broke).
  38. Gothic style architecture.
  39. Black Butler anime and its opening song.
  40. Being lost and finding my way without any help and navigation devices (story of my life?).
  41. Not being on social media so that no one would know anything about me.
  42. The scent of Chloe by Chloe which I cannot buy because it is tested on animals.
  43.  The sense of accomplishment.
  44. Living life like there is no tomorrow. I am the Great Gatsby!
  45. Seeing my mother smile and my brother go out for dinner.
  46. Those few friends that have somehow stayed with me during years.
  47. Unexpected situations that are comical.
  48. Making lists (ha ha ha).
  49. Quesadillas Babe.
  50. MIHAL. Yes, my Lord till I die.





3 thoughts on “50 things that are somehow joyful

  1. I like your posts. Whilst I had no problem thinking up a few things to try and match your previous list 🙂 I would have a few problems addressing a list of this nature unfortunately. However, you’ve brought to mind a few things I do like.
    Summer – Absolutely, best season of all.The fresh green on the trees and bushes, all the flowers, all the little songbirds nesting (had some robins nesting in the hedge right near my back door this year), lazy evenings outside in the warm fresh air.
    Rivers and oceans, yes.
    Cheesecake. Cheesecake is wonderful. But not the blackberry kind, that’s the only one I don’t like.
    When you write ‘dreams’ do you mean all dreams or just the pleasant kind. I rarely remember mine, unless they’re nightmares.
    Dancing terrifies me, and if a woman wants me to dance with her I end up holding her close like a drowning man.
    Nos 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. – Excellent and couldn’t agree more.
    Actually I’m going to stop there. I like a lot of the things you’ve listed, not all but many of them.

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