Empty rap verse

Oh I wake up in the mornings, I wish to close my eyes

I am late to be a good girl, only the one that tries

to find a rewind button in life, I wish it was that simple

I wish I was a bad one and now it’s just painful.

The state that I know is the state that I live in

A constant blink of eyes and leaves shivering

I promise things but can you ever trust my words?

My unintentional lies are still the ones that hurt.

I hope I would find a pause in the end

And stop to breathe in the positive effect

Back to the moment when the smoke and stars in the sky

Were us naive kids wanting to survive

in the world where our dreams were beautiful and big

Though me and you were always the poor kids

and outkasts and my legs just swang on the bridge;

The railtrack is our so please make it big.


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