Metal space mental space

Message massage pass the message

Robot you and alien me

What do we have in common

Trips in spaces trips in mind

I am falling asleep on marbles

While you are  on LSD

Are you high when I am high

Liquid essence will meet

Neon signs in pink and blue

And now what becomes true?

The princess on a trip

With no wish to strip

Or you

Fucking stoned on glue?

Kitten games smitten names

Sex I can do long hours of trips

Sex for aliens and robots

Fornicate you bitch


White and grey is neon way

I am only sec(x)s away

From abandoning wire crowns

I am the princess and you’re a clown





Needle need a weed

Cut it off my scissors

Pin some hope on me

Picture smile with razors

Sharp eyes blind gaze

Sigh what a foolish will

Wish for happiness and glaze

Blinded needle still

Grow weeds grow tall in my soul

This is a prayer

Because it will be all that I own

Weed forest and layers


Red dress on

Red lips

Red suits me he says

I blush red

Blood rushes red

Red suits me he says

Red nails on

Red scratches on

Red suits him I say

Red I am willing to live

Red is he willing to die

Red is what I hope for again

Red suits me he says

Red is my reply

Crimson you are the only one

I wanna have tonight


Sleep asap

Put me to sleep

Put me in a bed

Put me in a crib and rock

Till I fall asleep

Listening to you

I can see hallucinations

Of no sorrows

I believe I will wake up tomorrow

And you will be there

As fucked up as you are

As fucked up as me

Unseen diamond star

Shining above sea




hi mum it is me still miami is muy bien i sent you a card but the dreams are my en route art

i give myself two shots to try or to blow my head non stop ringing i do dabs cause fucked up figures ain’t my dad

ice cubes sprinkle on the grass add une photo pour moi cause i ask nicely  if you can remember me on the postcard to the sea

mum can i be someone when i grow up i am grown up but lost in smoke lost in life who am I just dis moi who am I who am I?

Empty rap verse

Oh I wake up in the mornings, I wish to close my eyes

I am late to be a good girl, only the one that tries

to find a rewind button in life, I wish it was that simple

I wish I was a bad one and now it’s just painful.

The state that I know is the state that I live in

A constant blink of eyes and leaves shivering

I promise things but can you ever trust my words?

My unintentional lies are still the ones that hurt.

I hope I would find a pause in the end

And stop to breathe in the positive effect

Back to the moment when the smoke and stars in the sky

Were us naive kids wanting to survive

in the world where our dreams were beautiful and big

Though me and you were always the poor kids

and outkasts and my legs just swang on the bridge;

The railtrack is our so please make it big.


One blow, some anxiety within me,

Twitches on my cats and nerves.

Gotta kick off shoes, I somehow did it

But the blur and days exist to hurt.

Voice outside “please sign this madam”,

“Where are you taking me, am I too late?”

My room becomes one empty shadow;

Let cats and memories the only ones to stay.